Friday, April 8, 2011

Two Upcoming Singing Workshops in Ashfield

Ricki and Jamie

Life is not all about making cheese!
Even Ricki takes a "clean break" now and then!  In fact, Ricki and Jamie (The Cheese Queen and the King of her Heart) have been singing together since they first met, 6 years ago. They first spied each other when her singing group visited his singing group, and it's been sweet music (most of the time) ever since.

Jamie and Ricki at a Village Harmony concert in Ashfield
They have traveled around the world to singing camps and they have hosted many exciting music workshops at their home in western Massachusetts. (Half the fun of attending these workshops is seeing the Queen's castle-an incredibly beautiful house filled with Ricki's own art and the creations of many other artists from near and far.)
With all of the workshops, you don't have to be a great singer to join in the fun. All you need is the willingness to be part of a group effort. Singing is a universal language that we all instinctively recognize as an expression of love and joy.  So, bring your spirit and forget about how you can't "hit the high notes" because nobody in the world will notice or care about that! 

Shalva Chemo
On Their First US Visit!

Friday, May 6th
At Ricki & Jamie's place
292 Main Street, Ashfield, MA 01330

 Singing Workshop 4 to 6 - $20.00
( Pot Luck Meal with Shalva Chemo 6 to 7 )
House Concert 7:30 - $15.00

Space is limited, Phone for Reservations ASAP!
413-628-4568 or send email to

Enjoy this amazing group in the intimate setting of our home, where the acoustics are great and the contact with the performers is personal!

Sponsored by Carl Linich, This is one of the finest traditional vocal groups from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia, Shalva Chemo consists of Tristan Sikharulidze, one of Georgia's greatest surviving song masters and a recipient of the Georgian President's Order of Merit award; Guri Sikharulidze, who is Tristan's elder cousin and former first-voice soloist with the Elesa choir; and Merab Kalandadze, their fabulous bass.

Georgian music is famous for its complex polyphonic vocal singing, and there is no better illustration than Shalva Chemo. The three voices turn inward and outward, crossing and crashing in waves of alternating dissonance and reverberating unison.

Hear Shalva Chemo singing on this YouTube Video

 Tuesday, May 17th
At Ricki & Jamie's place
 292 Main Street, Ashfield, MA 01330

The Starry Mountain Singers
Workshop 4-6 - $15.00
(Pot Luck Meal with Starry Mountain  6 to 7)
Concert 7:30 - $15.00

Seating is Limited, Reservations are Required,
Please call 413-628-4568 or send email to
"This opportunity is so special you will cry if you miss it.
You will probably cry if you hear it too, I always do" (Ricki)
This musical program features traditional songs from the US, Bulgaria, Corsica & the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, as well as original compositions from the group's members.

The American repertoire includes shape-note (a traditional New England style), gospel and haunting folk tunes from the Appalachians. The Georgian, Corsican & Bulgarian songs are a mixture of sacred & secular pieces demonstrating an incredible range of unique singing traditions. Each member contributes songs from his or her particular area of musical knowledge & expertise, resulting in a dynamic and eclectic program that will delight world-music fans and lovers of choral performance.

Music clips, photos, more:

The Starry Mountain Singers have all toured extensively with the Vermont-based, world-music ensembles Northern Harmony and Village Harmony, receiving an introduction to traditional songs and singing styles from around the world. In addition, members of our ensemble have worked with Meredith Monk and Revels Inc, have performed on NPR's, A Prairie Home Companion and Mountain Stage, and three of our members perform in the Brooklyn-based country band, The Sweetback Sisters.
"… a spectacular concert by the Starry Mountain Singers a group comprised of nine young adults who have a rare musical alchemy. The roots go deep, the soaring flies high, the pleasure of communing musically is palpable and when their chords line up, which seems to be always, the air in the room seems to shift and rearrange. Imagine breathing that air. It's got to be healing. THIS, I thought is what music does to ones cells and bones and spirit. GO! Marytha Pafrath - Libana

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